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Senora Pastries offers a variety of 10 inch pies, made in a fresh homemade from scratch butter/shortening crust.


Four Berry Pie ($20)


A delicious mix of Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and tart and sure to please the whole family.



Homemade Apple Pie ($18)


Fall has been given a taste with fresh, homemade filling that has Granny Smith apples, sugar, and a collection of fall spices. It’s the perfect end of summer/ fall treat! Topped with a lattice and sprinkled with sugar.


Apple Crumble Pie ($18)

Our Apple Pie gets even better with a delicious crumb topping that is sweet with a hint of cinnamon.


Wild Blueberry Pie ($18)


Wild Blueberry Crumb Pie ($18)


Tart Cherry Pie ($15)



Donut-hole Muffins ($1 per 3)


introducing these delicious little bite-size treats. The are baked like a mini muffin, instead of being fried but they are full of flavor!



Glazed Chocolate

Cinnamon Sugar 


Powdered Sugar Vanilla

Pumpkin Spice

Also Available: Vegan and Gluten after Cinnamon Sugar Donut Hole Muffins ($1 per 2)